Foodies! Multiple Restaurant Management System CMS - with full Android Source & Admin + Restaurant CMS


Demo Admin Demo Restaurant

Foodies! Multiple Restaurant Management System CMS

with full Android Source &  Admin + Restaurant CMS


Android Features

  1. Full native source code.
  2. Neat & clean code structure
  3. Social Logins [Phone verification & facebook login]
  4. Geo Search - Search nearby restaurant from the map
  5. Pick the best restaurant with higest rating
  6. Browse categories and Items based on your taste.
  7. Instant checkout with one tap.
  8. Braintree payment gateway integrated
  9. Order edit / cancel options
  10. On going and past order history
  11. Paid & Unpaid order history
  12. Elegant Intro pages
  13. User profile management
  14. lovely contact us
  15. And much more...

Admin Dashbord Features

  1. Fully features admin CMS
  2. Manage users
  3. Manage restaurants
  4. Restaurant payouts [Generate Reports that help admin payouts easily]
  5. keep track of all payments of restaurants
  6. Powerfull reports that helps admin summarize earnings and restaurants easily

Restaurants Dashboard Features

  1. Manage categories
  2. Manage Items
  3. Manage orders
  4. Set Currency
  5. Payment reports 


Android setup 

Follow the steps to compile and run in your Android Studio IDE.

Open your Android studio. Select open existing project.

open Android Project

Change Your Server Base URL.

Setup Your Accounts.


Follow the steps to set up firebase

  1.     1. Go to and follow the steps 



    2. Select exsting project if you have any or create new one as per step 1

    3. Select iOS or Android section as per your product



For android




  • After installation you need to set all this information for complete working app.

Login to your Braintree account here

If you found any problem you can create your support ticket here :

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