On Demand Services Provider Apps & Web Dashboard

Complete apps with fully featured admin panel

On Demand Services Providers/Users App & Web Dashboard 

Complete apps with fully featured admin panel

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Android Dashboard


Android Apps Features

1] On Demand Services Providers App

2] On Demand Services Users App

Web Dashboard Features



Firebase Setup

Follow the steps to set up firebase

1.  Go to https://console.firebase.google.com/ and follow the steps 

New Project or Existing Project


2. Enter Project Name. Accept terms and conditions and Click on "Create Project".

Project Details


project created


3. Select iOS or Android or Web section as per your product

select ios, android or web


Add package name


Google json file




Firebase 8


Settings Firebase

Android App Installation 

Follow the steps to compile and run in your Android Studio IDE.

     1. Open your Android studio. Select open existing project

Android Studio


     2. Select Service Provider/ Service User App

Android Studio

      3. Goto Server.java file and put admin panel BASE_URL as shown in screenshot 

Base Url Server java


      4. Open AndroidMenifest.xml and change your Map API key as shown in screenshot

Map API key


      5.  Open Server.java file and put stripe key as shown in screenshot 

Stripe key


      6.  Open String.xml and enter Your Google Place API key as shown in screenshot

Google Place API

Web Dashboard Installation 

          Follow the steps to open web admin Dashboard :

          1. Open  ./install/  folder via browser after uploading files to your server and you can see 4 steps to complete installation. 

          In 1st Step of Server Requirements, Your server full fill requirements of PHP version 5.6 & above and MySQL version 5.1 & above

          Please Click on "Forward" to go to next step. Step-1

           2. Please fill your database details. In 2nd Step of Database Information, please enter host name, Database name, Database Username, Database Password.

           Please Click on "Forward" to go to next step and "Backward" to go to back step.



          3. Configure your additional information. In 3rd Step of Additional Information, please enter your server Base URL, FCM API key for push notification, API key for Stripe, Stripe Client ID.

           Please Click on "Forward" to go to next step and "Backward" to go to back step.



           4. Verify your purchase code. In 4th Step of Verification, please enter your purchase code. 

           Please Click on "Submit" to go to dashboard and "Backward" to go to back step.




          Once You enter your purchase information. your installation is done. and you'll get success message.

Login in Stripe Account and follow steps


You can create your support ticket on http://support.icanstudioz.com

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We at, iCanStudioz offers wide range of customization services as per custom requirements of clients for our products. We can also develop below listed features in On Demand Sevices apps and aslo according to your requirements as well.

Possible customizations Of Service Providers


Possible customizations Of Service Customers

Possible customizations Of  Admin Panel Dashboard


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